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on and anticipated there would be a defiant challenge on the part of the defense and teams as transpired this morning with the refusal to recognize the court and follow procedures like wearing the required attire and i think the government was very worried this would only insight further prozests. they are almost like in a no win situation here and if they have coverage it will be clear how defiant morsi and supporters are by not covering it, they will only insight further suspicion among his supporters that we are not facing a transparent legal procedure but something along the lines of what they call a kangaroo court. >> reporter: many thanks for joining us and stay with us and we will be coming back to you as we continue our live and comprehensive coverage of the trial of the ousted president mohamed morsi. this is the scene outside of the court from the cairo police academy where those protesters were gathering. here is another area of cairo where we saw not quite peaceful scenes and scuffles there and people's anger clearly running pretty high and we are seeing thousands upon thousand of securi
of the season. how about the sharks looking to catch their breath with the return of the big time defense man and warriors looking for it too after kings give up 126 points to the clippers thursday. don't wag your tail at me, i'll be right back after the break. >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. sharks sporth the second best record in hockey. they're 10, 1, 2. the head coach says the defense man boyle will play in tonight's contest against the coyotes. boyle missed the last seven games after being knocked out during the game against the st. louis blues. >> it's no fun being out. guys have played. can't say i've enjoyed it all that much. it's important for know get out there and get involved physically early hopefully and try to put that image that i have behind me. >> and speaking of coming back, the warriors are back at oracle tonight to face the sacramento kings who have won last three of four meetings. here's thompson with more of the rivalry. >> it's always when playing a rival. it's a must win for us. battle of good teams. you know, just like i said, got to protect the home court. >> be p
defense motions and justice needs to be served for nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. however, the defense attorneys want to do everything they can to save their clients lives, about the defendants, their capture and the torture they suffered. they also want the black sites where the defendants were held to be preserved as evidence. plus the lawyers want the government to stop monitoring their meetings with the defendants. >> i am bad news. >> and then there is this request: defense lawyers want all the information the government gave the producers of the movie zero dark 30. from the very beginning the defendants have moved to dismiss the case for what they call government bias. but it is highly unlikely that they can persuade the judge to do so given the importance of the case. >> part of why this has taken so long is we are walking through each issue very, very carefully because i think everyone realizes that the eyes of history are upon them. >> trying to balance the rights of the accused with the government's attempt to hold them accountable. no he feat. guantanamo bay, c
this defense. >> this is not information we collected on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our country, and in support of military operations. >> for the last several month, documents that the whistleblower edward snowden leaked showed a dragnet beyond france and spain. it's failed to become a major issue in washington. the bugging of angela merkel's phone received attention because the strategic implications of being caught. the focus worries a visiting delegation of european parliament airians investigating the scale of the u.s. program. >> spying on friends, not just on leaders, on citizens. >> tuesday's hearing was primarily about the u.s.'s domestic surveillance operations with james clapper and keith alexander key to restrict changes to variability of collecting data of u.s. citizens. >> more to come on al jazeera. coming home to start again. we are in the philippines town of zamboanga, where the standoff destroyed the homes of 10,000 families. and women out of work in iran. we look at the underrepresentation in the cou
are saying that they want proper access to their client and prepare the type of defense that they would present, and what could be said in his defense. to do that they need to seek permission from the prosecutor, permission to go to the prison that he was taken to today. and once they get that they will be able to go to that prison, which has 15,000 inmates inside, several hundreds members of the muslim brotherhood, but not the senior ones. that is what happens now for mr. morsi's point of view. >> dominick we saw morsi for the first time. was that a good thing, a bad thing as far as peace in the country is concerned, and are those demonstrators still out on the streets? >> well, the demonstrators have left the straits in the main. there is no suggestion of clashes or major clashes. >> i would say the situation is now calmer on the streets this evening this evening here in cairo, and there may be the opportunity for month protests tomorrow, and we have to take that with a pinch of assault. >> dominick, thank you very much. >> relatively quiet morning so far on wall street. investors hol
to prove why they have to the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces a fumble. and on his 29th birthday 23-13 the final. the chiefs are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. cowboys and vikings. the pass and and the snag. 26 yards scored and dallas up 13-50. and departmen dez bryant loves . and wave the checked bagging an fee. they take the defense into the end zone 140-yard and a score and 20-23. romo threads the needle and hits harris for the score. romo two touch downs and one int and cowboys win 27-23. >> sayinsan diego quarterback ls the n.f.l. in completioner completionpercentage. and allen and chargers still down three. rivers hits woodhead in a flat and ruled a touch down and take another look. woodhead did not get in. they settle for a 19-yard novak field goal to send this into over time. darrel young carried the ball twice all season and guess i gen a track play for one of his three touch downs. 30-24 in favor of the red skins. >> it's hewn. huge. and the fans want to have something to believe in and the players want to have something to believe in and the way our di
continue to prove why they have the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces the fumble and watch the big fellow. on his 29th birthday he scoops and scores. they are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. >> every win you get in the national football league is a goodwin. is a good win. we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than we did early. the two touch doedownswere impo. >> roethlisberger dumps one in the end zone and a 24-24 ball game. tom brady 432 passing yard first time throwing for three or more touch downs this season. he had four today. with the patriots up and a five-yard touch down run and pats roll 55-31. >> the seattle se seahawks are f to their best start in history. wilson has never lost at home. wilson is 11-and-0 at home as a starter. third quarter action. and russe and russel son takes e keeper in for the score. >> wilson 213-yard and 2 touch downs and two int's and we are tied at 24 people. we go to overtime. and let's go home. the seahawks come from behind from 21 down. it was their biggest come from behind vicfrombehind victory ine history. >
have seen that no defense evidence was called whatsoever. my clients have no right to appeal. rather than seek their extradition before the trial started, the government decided to forego that and go for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election and little to do with justice. >> can i ask you an historical question. why did both men flee bangladesh after the war of independence in "71. if they weren't guilty of anything, what were they fleeing from. >> my understanding, certainly from chowdhury mueen-uddin - he responded to that question. to say that they fled is an unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from it. mr chowdhury mueen-uddin for example, returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, as never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said, quite openly - he said it to this news station and publicly - that he is prepared to put himsel
. there will be a team of 25 lawyers who have observed what happened from a defense point of view but they are not an official defense, they don't representative him and that of course will take place on monday. >> the reported problems that one or a number of cairo's universities, is this any different than the protest from those we have seen that tend to support mohamed morsi for the last few weeks or is it something more serious? >> what we understand is that several hundred students from cairo university left their classes, left the campus and marched to nasly square. the authorities fired shots in the air and tear gas. that's a pattern we've seen in recent weeks. we don't have any report of casualties as things stand. and it's difficult to say there's more than the normal we've seen in the last several weeks. >> don nick kane in cairo. >>> the u.s. envoy or the cairo has met in damascus. so far he's failed to convince rebel factions fighting the assad regime to come to the negotiations. >> we are preparing for the geneva 2 conference. it will be the srn parties not me that wi
forward the lead of the defense. he was a presidential candidate but he wasn't allowed to act on behalf of mohamed morsi, as you're hearing. he's saying that he doesn't respect the legitimacy of the court. when he explained to us that the judge put the charges to morse any, the charge to incite murder, he didn't respond and didn't recognize that the court is a legitimate court. and we're hearing some of the lawyers for the other muslim brotherhood defendant who is were standing newspaper court and shouting down with the military, down with the military leaders, and people on the journalistic bench shouting to morsi execute him, execute him. he wants to defend himself even though he does not believe there are proceedings to be defended. one of the lawyers outside of the court explain why they were not that concerned. >> we're sure the president will be able to defend himself. let me stress that morsi was like a lion in the court. he said, i'm the legitimate president. he didn't like the judiciary to be part of the coup. >> shthey didn't seem to dispere after the trial was adjourned. >> y
intelligence with the israeli defense forces. us state department has declined to confirm or deny the report washington's national security agency spying on high priority israeli military targets in york times reported on nov third in a seven page article based on documents leaked by performer and as a contractor that were snowed in all the in depth overview the tales highly classified documents leaked by snowden they include document outlining the american intelligence agencies monitoring of israeli targets namely israel defense forces drone aircraft and israel's black sparrow missile system classified documents leaked to the report further confirm the reports of past cooperation between the nsa any of the idf signal intelligence unit eighty two under it would try clearly cheese raw materials ok my signals intelligence that is by spying. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on europ
not make a plea and not confirm they were represented by the defense laurs and the judge struggled to try to keep things calm. it was really a circus. the court case has been adjourned until january 8th which will make security forces happy because things are tense on the streets, a handful of morsi supporters behind me protesting and security forces out en masse and want to make sure we don't see violence again like we did this summer. charlie and margaret? >> clarissa ward, thank you. >>> dow futures point to more gains when the markets open this morning, both the dow and nasdaq are up double digits for the year. tech stocks are leading the way causing concern over a new financial bubble. mellody hobson is with us. >> good morning. >> a new tech bubble maybe? >> i know there are a lot of people out there saying that the tech market is partying like it's 1999 to quote prince but it's really on the edges. we have the four horsemen, facebook, linkedin, netflix and tesla that are on fire and the ipos coming out, twitter this week, that are getting a lot of attention but if you look at tech
, we heard from prosecution lawyers and lawyers for the civil parties. they've been rebutting defense statements. the fourth expulsion took place under inhumane conditions and not made with record to the safety and security of the people. it set the tone for how khmer rouge soldiers treated the population. there was a disregard of basic human rights of the population. people were given no choice whether or not they wanted to leave piyong penn. some made the journey wearing only the clothes they had. there was no time to pack food, or whether you were healthy, sick, young or old. they all had to make the journey to the countryside without knowing where they were heading to. there was no food or medicine. many died. >> a city of 2 million emptied in less than a day. it's normally busy streets quiet. 17 april 1975 marked the start of a reign of terror for many cam bodians. that morning khmer rouge soldie soldiers marched into the victory as victors. the people welcomed them. hours later they were ordered to leave for the countryside. this person was living in pyong penh. >> we were told
individuals in absenta and sentence them to death is deplorable. you may have seen no defense evidence was called whatsoever. my clients have no light to appeal and rather than seek extradition before the trial started the government decided to forego that and go for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election. to say that they fled is unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither of them supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from that. chowdhury mueen-uddin, for example, has returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, has never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said quite openly, to this news station and publicly that he is quite prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. >> intense fighting between m23 rebels and the military outside the democratic republic of congo. the rebels control only three hill areas near the rwan
, a lot of coroners in this case. joining me in this case are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. boy we get a lot of bang for you our buck here. i have been following this trial and it is interesting. i can't imagine anything more compelling than this, the daughter who was with her mom 24 hours before she died is a medical student and was on the stand saying this. >> why were you seeking information as to your mother's death? >> because i -b8 -- because i believe my father killed her. >> objection, your honor, move to strike. >> overruled. >> overruled. doug? >> every trial have i been in and i would love to get my colleagues' point of view it would have been sustained and strucken out. you can't say i think mr. x did something. you need evidence and facts. having said that, i will completely reverse course and agree with you, jaime which is oh my god how compelling and devastating. i am not laughing. >> the jury heard it. she was a medical student and she was there. >> it is just the family dynamic. in 99% of trials family members are supporting the defendant. here you have a c
the cowboys defense for the score, extra point, it's good, lions win a tight one, 31-30. calvin johnson talk to me. >> good note, bye week on a good note, first half of the season on a good note. to be able to come back, nobody thought we could pull it off in one minute. we had fire power. it's crazy, you know, shoot, we got one on one coverage, we were able to hit on a lot. i don't know what our percentages were but we were able to hit on a lot of deep passes intermediate, all over the place. >> did what we had to do, starts with me, coaching staff, every player in that locker room, we just got to do better. we have to learn from that experience, find out how to finish that game. we had opportunities on offense, defense and the kicking game to end it and we didn't do it. we have to understand the importance of each sequence, each play, to the outcome of the ballgame, we didn't get it done. >> nfc north rivalry between minnesota and green bay. 11 yard td reception. 7-7 ballgame. rogers, the quick drop back pass, nelson goes 76 yards to collect six points. rogers, 277 passing yards and tds pu
a boo-boo. longest since tim collier in 1977. the chiefs have the best defense in the league. watch as marcus cooper, going to force a fumble and the big fellow on his 29th birthday scoops and scores. 23-13, the final. chiefs are now 9 and 0 for the first time since 2003. cowboys and vikings, third quarter, cowboys down 10-6. tony romo, the pats. jason witten, the signal. dallas 13 lives teen. dez bryant loves it. wave the checked backage fee. a ride into the end zone. 140 jars, a score, 23-20, minnesota. under a minute to go, tony romo hits dwayne harris for the 7-yard td peptase. romo 337 passing yards, two touchdowns, 1 i and t. cowboys win 27-23. how about brdrew breeze, first d 10 for new orleans, brees finds jimmie grand. watch him drag the defender seven crochets for the 51 yard touchdown. saints up 7-3. just before the half, jets down 1 and geno smith, a nasty move, scores from three yards up. jets taking 20-14 lead at the half. fourth quarter, jets up 26-17. on fourth, inches, hands off to josh hill, access denied by the jets. they come up big on the defensive stop and a bi
not make a plea and not confirm they were represented by the defense laurs and the judge struggled to try to keep things calm. it was really a circus. the court case has been adjourned until january 8th which will make security forces happy because things are tense on the streets, a handful of morsi supporters behind me protesting and security forces out en masse and want to make sure we don't see violence again like we did this summer. charlie and margaret? >> clarissa ward thank you. >>> dow futures point to more gains when the markets open this morning, both the dow and nasdaq are up double digits for the year. tech stocks are leading the way causing concern over a new financial bubble. mellody hobson is with us. >> good morning. >> a new tech bubble maybe? >> i know there are a lot of people out there saying that the tech market is partying like it's 1999 to quote prince but it's really on the edges. we have the four horsemen facebook linkedin netflix and tesla that are on fire and the ipos coming out twitter this week, that are getting a lot of attention b
defense saved us, our offence bill was out. hats off to them. >> michigan state hosting michigan. 23 seconds left. connor cook fades back. fowler is open. michigan state's defense was tenacious. holding the wolverines to mines us 48 yards rushing, due to seven - i said seven sacks. at one point michigan state quarterback devon gardner on three straight plays. the spartans close the deal. 40 out of 120 rushing yards. 29-6. spartans won five of the last six meetings. >> a wild finish. watch this. korn huskers looked done. they marched down the field, ron kellog the third with desperation, hail mary into the end zone, tipped and caught by junioredan wester camp - are you killing me. nebraska with a winner. turning to the nfl. dna ver broncos head coach john fox will undergo heart surgery. he'll be away from the team. he had been toldful his heart condition and hoped to delay surgery until after the season. fox felt dizzy while playing golf. his doctor recommended he undergo ai otheric valve surgery. the team has not named an interim coach. >> earlier the boston red sox clinched the worl
five thousand troops might be stationed in the country miami's defense minister says they do not have a rematch to patrol the dow. in it. the man in full sets of them only on the light the un ministry troops do not control quito. because by necessity can tell benefits missile two separate states this. alimony and forces that are deployed to the north of the sky to be permanently present on several fronts and with the armed militia groups are roaming the streets of key dow falls on all that is now liam counterpart abraham to the cockpit to finally solve that the state of affairs cannot continue nothing will be used to put his talks aimed at ending will be three years of bloodshed and syria have been turned to confusion to make us suffer the syrian national council president. mattel announced said that to the opposition won't attend peace talks in geneva. unless is a clear time frame for president bush on all aspects of the power bill said adding that the commission would accept the presence of a ring in the kitchen is out the table yesterday. the new geneva to attack piracy we say no t
under both the george w. bush and obama administrations. the cia and the defense department denied the findings. in an e-mail to the newshour a pentagon spokesman wrote it is the policy of the department to protect the life and health of detainees by humane and appropriate clinical needs. and in accordance with all applicable law and policy. in addition to seeking that response from the pentagon we canned an official to appear on the program but were turned down. we are joined now by dr. stephen xenakis, retired army brigadier-general and member of the task force, now in private practice and also serves as consultant to several defense teams. and lee casey say former justice department official during the regular and and first bush administration, he practiced law and writes opinion comes for the wage waj and other publicationment welcome to both of you. stephen xenakis, broadly speak the allegations in this report seem to be that the military pushed medical personnel to do certain things and that they acquiesce-- acquiesced s it broadly against both? >> it's broadly against the mi
with existence anywhere else in the world, and the only place where we can have the dignity of self-defense and the freedom and liberty of running our lives as we believe to be, the way is here in a state of our own. so this is a deep argument going on for many years within the religious world of israel. >> i work with jews and christians. and there is no problem to live with jews and problems to live with political policy aside and to live together. christian and muslims never had problem to live together. in syria, live and learn. in iraq, they live together, so it's not a problem. the problem is when one is wanting to reign and to control- that's a problem. if the jews can trust to share with us the holy land, it's okay. but not to control, not to reign, not to occupy, not to, you know, humiliate people, like what's going on in the west bank. >> and it's hard to believe that when somebody will take his land to give up and to say, "okay, let's have peace, and our land is with them," it's so difficult to believe, and if we look here, and the mountains that is our land here, and israel. the
and for the tsa mission. >> reporter: a duty that made him the first line of defense when it comes to airport security. according to tsa administrator john pistole. >> we want to do what we can to support and work with, again, the police to make sure we're doing everything possible to prevent something like this happening again. >> reporter: with l.a.x. back in full operation, authorities continue to search for clues as to what led to the violence. dan sheneman, nbc news. >>> new this morning, u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with egyptian foreign minister in cairo. it is his first trip to egypt since the military ousted the country's democratically-elected president in july. kerry said the u.s. is a friend and partner to the egyptian people and wants to contribute to the country's success. in an interview ahead of the secretary of state's visit, the prime minister said he intended to have frank and honest talks with kerry. he arrived before mohamed morsi and 14 other top brotherhood leaders go on trial. kerry's visit to cairo is the first stop in a nine-day trip to the middle east, eas
the washington face a tough task - how to slow down the denver bronko defense. peyton manning and company are on pace to destroy the single-season passing yard and touchdown record. 21-7, peyton manning to drieson. broncos up 21-14. next possession in this one. screep pass -- screen pass. 35 yards to the promise land. we are all tied up. broncos up 28-21. there's more where that came from. manning another screen pass. he's off to the best patch of the grass. 35 yard touch done, 38-21. robert injured his left knee doing the intersection. kurt cousins comes in to save the day. this is not what was in mind. cousins picked up by dominic. he's off to the races. 45-21 the final. afc north leading bankles, this was the andy dalton show. first goal for cincinnati, touchdown. second quarter on third on goal, andy dalton. jones with the snag. right before the half, dalton goes to - guess who, yes, marvin jones. notice the trend. jones out of bounds but the call reversed. dalton and jones hook up in the third for a fourth time. that's a franchise record for a quarterback receiver touchdown. dalton
intercepted. the buck guys up 7-0. look at the second play. braxton miller to jeff hireman. defense is mia. 40 yard touch done. 233 passing yard. 56-0 ball game, ohio state extends their winning streak. >> number 14 game hosting mississippi state. connor shaw dips one. then connor shaw sharing the highlight love with derel for a 4-yard strike. four passes for shaw. a record with 16 straight home victories. big 10 action, penn state and illinois looked to get on track after losing last week. penn state kicker sam from 35 yards out. game tide at 17. we go to ore time. christian hakenberg on third and long. call carter comes up big with a tv catch of the year. 34-17 up. it's illinois's turn. nathan chill house's pass - chipped and intercepted. holds off to win 24-17 >> wisconsin and iowa looking to break their records. whiches con since down six, with rock to petersen. 44 yard touch down, badgers up 7-6. there's more. stavi again. pitching to jarrod. joe stavi, 114 passing records. badgers win 28-9. >> after the red sox won its third world series today's parade held a different meaning to the pre
health care? >> health care. the red line, i am the sergeant of defense -- but the corruption is as great as under richard nix nixon. >> it's the line that if you like your insurance can you keep your insurance. >> how sticky is the perception problem for this president among his own party? they are going to be facing election, re-election, some of them, a year from now, and -- >> let me speak to this as a democrat. everybody stayed together until recently on health care. there has been break-away centers as we talked about last week on delaying the individual mandate, delaying the penalty, and now when the white house has acknowledged they didn't tell the truth, you are going to see democrats increasingly moving away from the president who for five years, five and a half years have unquestionable loyalty. >> and then even bill maher who said it, i thought as much of a problem that i have, he said it and he said i thought president obama was honest, and he's not and neither are you, and he tore his guest apart. the problem for the democrats is who is going to go off the cliff and who is g
the best defense as marcus cooper forces a fumble, and tamber hali scoops and scores. >> all in all, everyone you can get in the national football needs a good win, we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than what we had done early. the two touchdowns were important. >> the seattle seahawks were off to the best start in history. today's comp against the buccaneers. quarter action seattle down 17 until russell wilson quicks the qb keeper in to the score. seahawks down 10. late in the fourth, wilson to baldwin. a touch done for seattle. wilsons, 19 of 22, 217 yards, two int scores. >> overtime steven how's kerr, from 27 yards out sends the game into a final. the seahawks come back from 21 down. it's the biggest come from behind in franchise victory. >> similar to when he was a player. jason says he'll take pep toe to settle his nerves as the new head coach. after a blow out loss to orlando he'll need more than the pink stuff. there is kidd back from a 2-game suspension. the way brooklyn was careless with the ball, they played like they needed coaching. the nets turns t
a u.s. navy commander, a legendary defense contractor and offer from one of the other prostitutes and lady gaga tickets. it all is one story, believe it or not. this is a live look at los angeles from kttv. the big story there tonight, accused l.a.x. shooter paul ciancia under sedation and under guard. police say he accomplished both of his goals, killing a tsa officer and showing how easy it is to get a gun into an airport. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ (dad) just feather it out. (son) ok. feather it out.ears. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in cond, put it in second. (dad)
it or not and and put his enemies on the defensive. >> thanks dwep. again. >>> bernard kerrick's went to president bush's nominee for head of homeland security. he wound up pleading guilty to tax evasion. in line to the white house. spending three years in a federal minimum security prison. earlier this week, he spoke to matt lauer days after being relieved from house arrest. he opened up about what he realized about life behind bars and his new mission now that he's out. >> bernie, you spent six years of your life running that jail over our shoulder there which is one of the biggest and most notorious jails in the country. when you look back at that place now, does your perspective change? >> yeah, it changes. when i ran that system, i focused on the day-to-day operations of care, custody, and control. what i realized today is, especially in the federal prison system, that's not necessarily the focus. >> reporter: despite a long and impressive resume in law enforcement, kerik says only a few months after behind bars himself that he realized that criminal justice system was broken. >> these young men,
. and the military -- right now the department of defense is fighting those two options, fighting the option of removing the chain of command. >> do you feel then that since senator mckaskill is on the other side of this mission you have been betrayed by the senator. >> i don't feel i have been betrayed by any of the sen sena. they are wrestling with a emotional issue. >> this is about violent crime and if you want to solve the issue you have to deal with the adjudication process. >> mckaskill has great intentions as does everyone on the armed services knee. knee -- committee. need will not make a change from the violent criminals in our military until need improve the process of investigating and proprosecuting these criminals. mckaskill feels strongly about making positive improvements. i think it's mis misguided. >> let me say this. if senator mcaccoun mckaskill wn would he not be just part of the good ol' boy network and doesn't get it. >> in you looif you look at thes there are more men being sexually assaulted in the military than women. it's a violent crime across the board. and the f
not going to take no for answer. they went on and on and on. >> this is proof the first line of defense is the fdny and nypd need to recheck and re-evaluate how long they wait before they start looking for someone is missing. 72 hours is three days. he was there two days. another 24 hours he may not have made it. >> like his friends say they might have never known where he was. they might have found him 50 years from now. who knows? >> if you are telling the authorities he went in to the building and never came out, he's in the building. let's go look for him. it can't be that difficult. >> stands to reason. >> well, there you have it. >>> nfl coach gary kubiak in the hospital this morning after collapsing during a game last night. the houston head coach was walking off the field at halftime when he slumped over and went down. a moment later he appeared to be talking and sitting up. he was carried off on a stretcher. the team said he did not have a heart attack. houston went on to lose to the indianapolis colts. >>> new developments in the battle between major league baseball and rodrig
percentage points after those police comments. criminal defense attorney drew is here with me. we were talking in the commercial break. my, how the system is so different in canada versus the u.s. in the u.s., if there's a video, throw it out there. >> even the chief of police made reference, that may be the way they do it in america. what's happened here is it's one thing that reporters made it available last may, but then last thursday when the chief of police specifically references the video, the mayor in fairness to him is saying, hey, it's one thing for those guys to do it, but you're the top law dog in the city, and now you're talking about it. well, let the people decide for themselves. the chief is hiding behind the rule in canada, it can't go out unless it goes through the court system and eventually the case. the mayor is saying there is no case. >> what do you make of the fact the mayor is saying show the video? i want everyone to see the video. the police contend he's smoking crack. >> either he's smoking crack because it's so stupid. >> why would he want to show everyone
in the wake of the shootings. the head of the tsa said agents are the first line of defense and said he will do everything possible to make sure something like this does not happen again. he did not say whether or not he wants agents to start carrying weapons. >> they boarded a blue jet flight and removed a passenger. this happened after they told the flight crew. they are making threatening comments. they won't tell us what the comments were. and he did show signs of intoxication. >> a check of the aircraft turned up nothing. >>> happening right now, the start of the new york marathon, the race is actually broken up in several divisions. the top male and female runners began just 47 minutes ago. >> 30,000 runners will be going through the borrowing. and it -- boroughs and security has been tightened in light of the boston bombing. and there are more than 1400 cameras with surveillance helicopters and bomb-sniffing dogs. in the bay area, they started the half marathon in san francisco. the run kicked off a few minutes ago. it carries through the field and presidio. and some of the money
on this premise that admittedly if oil prices continue to be has strong as they have been, defensive names like exxon might not be as much in favor as we would like, but in the context of the raymond james thinks of oil prices and looking for a correction in oil prices next year there should be a flight to quality trend and that is how all exxon can benefit. adam: if there's a correction in oil prices in 2014 will, could get hurt by that? >> absolutely. exxon would as a natural hedge the refining business and chemicals and konica does not, it spun off of it, downstream exposures year-and-a-half ago so it is not effectively a pure play on the commodity. some natural gas but mainly oil and keep in mind the leverage in conoco phillips is relatively high so lot of dust on the balance sheet, it is outstanding cash flow. enough cash flow diminishes which we think it will next year's than the gap between how much they spend and bring in will get wider and that is not good for a highly leveraged company to be in. adam: there is a report about incredible amounts of oil generated out of the gulf of mexic
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